Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bucket List

My Very Own Bucket List!!
This will be an ongoing list. Not in any particular order.
  1.  Fall in love
  2. Swim in the ocean
  3. Vacation in Greece
  4. Learn how to shoot a gun
  5. Become a big sister (volunteer)
  6. Paint my nails a different color per nail
  7. Learn to do nail art
  8. Zorbing!!
  9. Ice Fishing
  10. Paint a community mural (somewhat completed in May 2011)
  11. Make brasso de mercedez
  12. Hit the "trails" this summer
  13. Geocaching
  14. Learn to sculpt
  15. Try glass blowing
  16. Glass cutting
  17. Have an office
  18. Volunteer overseas
  19. Live on my own abroad
  20. Own my teashop/bookshop/cupcakery in a small town or in an eclectic community in the city.
  21. Go for a cross country trip in Canada (on a Honda Goldwing bike if possible ^_^)
  22. Shop in New York City
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Visit the caribbean
  25. Travel around Asia especially Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia and Thailand
  26. Take part in Amazing Race or something similar
  27. Check out all the festivals in Calgary
  28. Have a child, whether my own or adopted
  29. Get my learners
  30. Get my drivers license
Things not on the original list but I have done!

  1. Gone winter skiing (well...really it's snow blading but close enough!) 2012, Jan
  2. Dance like a burlesque and perform a routine! 2012, Jan

Monday, May 23, 2011

Help! I'm addicted to Procastinationism

When I first started this blog I had every intention of posting everyday. I was filled with excitement and really gungho on the whole idea. Though I've not completely abandoned this blog, I haven't been as loyal to it as I should be.

Why is it that when I get/do something new I get really excited about it and after I have it, I get really bored and end up procastinating? And it seems that the higher on the "importance" scale it is, the more I procastinate???

I looked up procastinate online and according to Urban Dictionary it means: "To stall time. To waste other peoples time, or to procastinate and waste time for no reason, when others are expecting you to be timely." This is totally what I do; describes it to a T!

Even as I'm typing this entry I got distracted at looking at procastination pictures on google. Oh geez! Hmm...I will figure it out....later. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being a witness to bullying

It's Friday night and the start of a long weekend. Though my long weekend plans have been cancelled due to work schedules, I foolishly thought that it was going to be an uneventful day. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for someone else, destiny had other plans.

On my way home from work tonight, I became an unwilling witness to bullying. All I wanted to do was get home, drink tea and just put my feet up. Without going into all the details, there was bullying in a crowded LRT train where a girl got attacked by a group of other teenagers. Police were involved but I'm glad to say the victim is physically okay. Her mental and emotional state is hard to judge obviously.

My teenage years are not that far behind me for sure but looking back at this event after a couple of hours, I am filled with disbelief and questions.
  • How could this have happened in a crowded train station?
  • What were the bullies thinking?
  • What was going on in the mind of the attacker when she was blowing punches at the victim?
  • Why did the other people in the group just stand there and let it happen?
  • Why didn't anyone else help?
  • What would have happened if I hadn't come along?

Call it being at "the right place at the right time" for her. As for me, I'm not really sure. After giving my statement and being interviewed by a police officer I left feeling numb but yet nervous. Numb from having just witnessed something not typically seen in real life; something I only see on the news and YouTube. The nervous feeling comes from the fear (though unfounded but still real) that there might be retaliation since they saw me on my cell. Gah! I know it's not about me but the victim and the crime, but still all bystanders must feel this at some point. To tell or not to tell? To keep your head down and mind your own business. But how could I? I would feel a lot worse if I hadn't done something when I had the chance.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be an active bystander! Bullying comes in many forms. We all need to do our part putting a stop to this. No one needs to be hurt physically, emotionally, phsychologically or in any way, shape or form.

Here's a great article about bullying and what it means to be a bystander. It's geared towards kids and I think it's from Australia so some of the language is different. Are you a bystander to bullying?

Going to go bed now. Pheew..I feel much better writing this. Take care ♥

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