Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Musical Kinda Day

Today was a great day.

It was so great that I feel it was taken out of a picture perfect montage in a movie. It was so great that I could have gone through it in song Glee style or Sound of Music. It was so great it should go down as the best day in history.

Why was it great?

It certainly did not start out great or even good for that matter. My day started out early, waaaay to early for my liking. After hitting the snooze button 10+ times, I finally dragged myself out of bed, shivering because it was freezing, and stumbled into the shower in a daze. After fighting with the faucet to get just the right temperature (damn you apartment building plumbing!!!), forgoing washing my hair because there was no time to blowdry, I finally ran out of my apartment just in time to catch the bus.

And that is when it started to turn around for me. Catching the bus was pure luck because I could shave time instead of walking. Armed with a big smile on my face along with rice cracker crumbs, I enter my work proud of the fact that I was early, even managing to beat one of the usual early birds.

Work was busy. The whole place was buzzing with activity and due to a big new project, some people are super stressed out right now. They were snappy and grumpy but throughout all this my smile never waivered.

Hurray for tasking!! I had lots of things to do. There's nothing I hate more than having nothing to do at work. Also, most of the people I worked with had smiles on their faces and though we were busy doing our thang, we still joked around which makes the environment light. And with me being so happy, I was more productive.

And throughout all these, what makes this the best day ever is the songs that played in the background. Every song was a happy song. I should have listed all the titles but from memory here's what I remember:

1. Sheryl Crow's song "...making love cause is free..." (don't know the title but I LOVE this song!)
2. Walking on sunshine
3. Here comes the sun
4. "And I said heeeey yea yea yea, I said hey, what's going on?"
5. Over the rainbow

Having the right music is a great background to having a great day as I found out today. Life is so much more wonderful. It has the power to erase troubles away even for the duration of a favorite song.

I made a conscious decision to have a great day, and that in itself allowed me to be at peace. My peaceful state of mind allowed me to hear the music and appreciate it to its full extent. And being in a happy state of mind, there was no other choice but to have a great day. It's a great cycle and definitely something to remember during the days that the skies aren't so clear.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned

Note: This is not a full review of the book, just my personal observation.

My favorite book this summer would have to be penned by the inspirational Mr. Michael J. Fox.

While browsing at the library, this book instantly caught my eye. It was sitting on the Staff Pick shelf. The title alone caused me to pause and pick it up because it definitely mirrored my own life. A lot of "funny" things happened to the future for sure. Looking back I am happy to admit that I can now giggle, even laugh at some of the events and my reaction to these events. To be sure back then while it was happening to me it was anything but  funny. The simplicity of the cover was also very powerful and intriguing.

The book was a very easy read; totalling exactly 100 pages. It's a funny telling of Michael J. Fox's early years starting from him being a lackluster student to pursuing his love of theatre and the lessons learned along the way to becoming the successful man he has become.

This was definitely a great read and I found laughed and kicked myself when thinking about the mistakes I made. But like the author, I too thought "Even if I could turn back time, would I do the same pig-headed shit again?" Though it would have been really nice if my life was a piece of cake, I really would not be the person I am today if I didn't have those experiences. No scars to show, no empathy for others either.

Lots of times I had to fight the temptation of taking my highlighter or folding a page here and there. One of my favorite quotes in this book is on page 1 (yes...already I found one that quickly)

" Life is a ride. Strap in, hang on, and keep your eyes open."
How true! A lot of times we try to control our destiny that we forget to just cruise and enjoy the ride. Being a "control-freak", I am very guilty of this. Growing up I made plans; list after list of what, how and when I wanted NEEDED to achieve things in my life in order to be successful. Well...on the way to the future, something funny happened. And that something happens to be depression. Though not a laughing matter, it was ironic in that the one thing I couldn't control became, at that time, to be the one in control and inevitably took my future hostage. Now I have learned that what happened was meant to happen to teach me a lesson on being resilient, having patience and even letting go. When I let go and enjoy the ride, that is when things come together.

My other favorite quote from this book and the most memorable is:

 "I might have skipped class, but I didn't miss any lessons."
This is very near and dear to my heart and I could not agree more! As someone who also left the traditional school early, I can very much relate that I learned lessons a school teacher could not have taught me. It may not translate to a grade on a report card, but there is no putting down lessons learned "in the streets/field".

Tree of Life - we are all from one tree...but our paths have different branches

I definitely have done things on the flip side; working early and starting school late, but everyone has their own life journey and decisions to make including which path in life to choose. Whatever that path is, we should always strive to learn from our experiences. It is the best education of all. The best gift the present can give us so we are equipped (to some degree) to be able to face the future head on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Lovin

 ...havin a blast.

Oh summer my summer, where art thou my summer??? Are you here? Are you there? Are you anywhere?

It's that bittersweet moment again where I bid adieu to the lazy days of summer, a season that seems to be rushing away from me like falling sand in between my fingers, and welcome fall with stiff open arms.

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Lately I've been thinking about ending my blogging hiatus and re-starting to blog again. So many ideas have popped up in my head but I just haven't had the heart to start or if I do start, words seem to fail me at the crucial moment. So here's to the beginning of more inspirations, literary and otherwise.

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