Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bucket List - 'Round the Reservoir

A year long wish to ride around the Glenmore Reservoir was finally realised yesterday! It was a gloomy day in Calgary and it did sprinkle a bit halfway on our ride but it didn't last long. Perfect weather for a long bike ride which took us -2 hours to do the loop. If it had been sunny I don't believe I could and would have lasted long.

Blabbing about this trip and putting it off last summer, I finally bit the bullet this year and bought a bike. After 5 years of being bikeless, it feels amazing to have the wind in your face and to be able to go anywhere knowing I'm not adding to the pollution. It is also amazingly painful! Three bike rides later and I feel like I should have "buns of steel"! Buying a wider seat for "a curvier butt" definitely helps.

Anywho I digress. I am quiet happy with my first time on this trip and considering that I am nowhere near being fit and I cannot pedal standing up when going uphill, I actually did quiet well. (yeay me!) Like I said the weather being cool definitely helped. There were a few mishaps along the way like all of a sudden careering into the opposite lane (I had just bought one of those cute baskets to put on the front and with all the weight, it ends up throwing me off balance), almost hitting other riders (meh! I could argue they were in my way or that they almost hit me!), almost crashing into the fields, running out of steam in the middle of a long ass uphill stretch (H.A.T.E that "challenge") and forgetting to look at the road before crossing which is VERY IMPORTANT when the bike path automatically (ok well maybe not automatically...there were signs) cuts off to make way for a road. With cars. Dangerous killing machines.

Photo credit: Rafal Komierowski
Aside all that it was a definitely an AMAZING experience. Keeping me company was a great friend who is not only an adventurous soul but someone who is a great conversationalist. It is so great to be with somebody who enjoys being in the same journey. It makes for a great time and a short one at that! We were very surprised and a little dejected to see the end of our loop. It is quiet true what they say "Time flies when you are having fun." I had to get off a couple of times because I could not make it up the uphill but after a few times of having to do this and repeatedly saying sorry to my friend for having to wait yet again, I started to be okay with the whole thing - go my own pace. My friend said it was okay, so why shouldn't I think it was ok as well? Zipping through fields of green, seeing people on picnics and laughing away, saying hello to passers-by, going through gorgeous arches and overlooking the lake while passing by on a high green hill, I got the sense of fulfillment and contentment I often chase. The simplicity of paddling and moving in a direction I don't really know where but being intent on keeping forward was liberating.

Hopefully there will be more opportunities to go on this adventure again. Whether it is back to the same location, or another road perhaps, this experience has taught me more than just huffing and puffing on a pedal vehicle. It has made me re-live my childhood joy, opened my eyes to the metaphor of life and made me realize I need to get out and move forward more often. And it would not have been possible where it not for a good friend, cloudy weather and an amazing bf who helped me outfit my bike and helped me get ready for this adventure. Thank you both for your patience! I am so grateful for this amazing experience. Life is amazing. #bucketlist.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting back on the wagon

Wow! It seems like FOREVER since I have visited here. HELLO!? Are you still alive? Why yes I am :)

Lots have happened since last update. My winter has been more than amazing in that I've checked off a lot on my bucket list. From going on a helicopter ride, dogsledding, learning to ski and crazy carpeting and tubing it at Panorama Mtn. - it was an amazing season! Winter to spring saw me going back to University (yeay!), networking and meeting a lot of souls, festival hopping and being appointed as one of Calgary's Cultural Ambassadors (double bubble YEAY)

So a lot of things have happened that I somewhat regret to have not documented. Everytime something amazing or not so amazing happens, one of my first thoughts is that I should blog/diarize this part of my life. But then procrastination rears its ugly head and the intention flies off with the wind. So maybe I'll be backtracking or maybe not. Would I be able to relive the moment and feel those emotions as close as possible if I were to write about them after all these months?

How does one get back on the wagon after a long hiatus?

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