Friday, February 22, 2013

Postcrossing: Travel by mail

Last month I was introduced to the amazing concept of Postcrossing. This person I met had two shoe boxes full of postcards from all over the world. I was in awe! She's only been doing it for over a year and already has amassed such a collection!

After seeing her collection and clear passion for postcrossing, I did more research.

What is postcrossing?

It's a project on a website that lets you send and receive postcards from all over the world for the price of a postcard and stamp! These are real postcards, not e-cards.

How does it work?

1. Sign up on their website (below) and fill out your profile such as what postcards you'd like to get.
2. You will receive 5 addresses with a link to the postcrossers' profiles.
3. Write your message and most importantly the register code. Mail them away!
3. Wait till someone receives and registers your card! This will allow you to receive and send more postcards whoohoo!!

A screenshot of sending postcards. I'm second from the top.

Why postcrossing?

It's free and easy!

I was feeling nostalgic for the good ol' days when we communicated through letters. I still have good memories of my penpals as a child. Postcrossing lets you do that but with postcards instead. You never know when and where the next postcard is going to come from. This can be good and bad. I remember the agonizing wait for my first postcard. Almost every night I would march to the mailbox, key in hand and a big smile on my face, telling myself "This is the night. I have a good feeling that it's today!!" only to be disappointed over and over again. But it is sooo worth it! I jumped up and down, more peppier than the kids on Glee. It must have been a sight to see someone in pyjamas and boots skipping along in the middle of the street at night. Well worth all the waiting. Also, the messages you receive is amazing. I've only received 3 cards to date but I'm so excited to see the variety of people's message from all over the world! As for sending the cards, that's the other sweet part. I've talked about everything from art, my cats to even writing a haiku to a poet postcrosser! I also taped a bus transfer to someone in Finland who collects them. There's so many possibilities!!

Here's the cards I've received:

First postcard received!! From Belarus on Feb 13 (surprise Vday present)

Second received from Germany

Third received from Japan. Such pretty stamp.

Some postcards I've sent: (I unfortunately forgot to take pics of 4 of them booo) Oh well.

First postcard sent to Hamburg Germany! Jan 13

The ones below are from an art stock that I found at Steeling Home's in Calgary. It's such a challenge to find postcards that are not "touristy". After calling around so many stationary stores, this place came through with an amazing deal: a book of 30 postcards for $6!! Works out to be about 20 cents/card. So cool!! (If anyone knows where I could get vintage postcards, or anything but touristy ones, please leave a comment below. Thanks!)

Below are a few of the cards from this book. I forgot to take a pic of 4 sent cards :(
The missed countries are: Germany, USA, Finland and Belarus
Almond Blossom to Germany Jan 13

Cycle to Russia Jan 13

Guadalupita to Tawain Jan 13

La Casa de la Penumbra to USA Jan 13

 If you are interested in getting mail that's not a bill, making friends from around the world, discovering other cultures and/or miss the "old way" of writing letters and want an escape from the digital world, I highly suggest you check out Postcrossing! If you do, let me know how it goes for you!

Happy corresponding and trails by mail :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Haiku Generator

It is a few minutes to midnight on the evening of Tues, Feb 12, 2013.

There is a request from someone for a written haiku of my own words. This person is a lover of poetry and I usually am as well. Spoken word? Yes please! Indulging on expressing my thoughts and feelings through words? Why yes of course! With the one condition it is meant for me and not for someone else.

So what to write in this hour? After a long day of lectures and writing a paper, my brain is pretty much shot and ready to relax for the evening.

I struggled for a few minutes finding my inspiration. I even tried googling (yup it's a verb now) "haiku generator". After all that work, I still had nothing. Inspiration, however, came in the form of my multi-colored nails.

So here's what I came up with:

Lovely jellybeans
so colorful and shapely
psychedelic fun.
Photo by: MsKayMBA on Flickr
Ha! I should write more haikus in the future. Quiet a fun challenge!

P.S. I cannot stomach jelly beans. Beautiful to look at but still no love from me psychedelic faux beans.

Friday, February 8, 2013

February Romance - A cheeseburger love story

It's the month of February and love is in the air.

For this month I've decided to explore different types of love. Most of them will be derived from my observations. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love can be subjective.

So here's one weird type of love I've noticed from a friend who for this post's purposes I shall call "A".

When we go to McDonald's, "A" almost always orders a cheeseburger. Lots of people love cheeseburgers, including myself. Cheese and meat just seem to be destined together.

Quiet rare for someone to not recognize this, but if you're one of the few, this here burger is a McDonald's cheeseburger.

What I find "interesting" about "A" though is that "A" smells the cheeseburger. No, not a sniff. More like inhales it. "A" takes a big whiff of this cheeseburger then sighs in content plenty of times. As if in a sweet caress. I get very uncomfortable when I see this. Ummm...should I go? Give you two some privacy....maybe....?? Errr....

When I asked "A" what the heck is up, I get a sheepish laugh and a shrug. We chuckle about it (very uncomfortably sometimes) and then "A" goes back to "enjoying" the precious cheeseburger.

I don't understand it. Umm.....why? Seriously...why?? I love cheeseburgers too but not to the same level that "A" does. Am I missing some important love connection? Like this dude on Veggie Tales?

Do you know of someone else with this groovy kinda love? If you can give me some insight as to why "A's" love for his cheeseburger is normal please do let me know! Also, if you have any "special" but different type of love, do share in the comments below. ;)

Hey you! What brought you to this blog post? Is this page linked somewhere? Please let me know by commenting here. Thank you!!

I have been noticing a lot of people coming from different countries viewing this post. I'm just curious :) Thank you!! Ü

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