Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First day of Autumn!

Today is officially the first day of my favorite season - fall or autumn! I have a long list of "Things to do" for this awesome season and here's how I chose to welcome autumn by:

1. Outdoor Yoga in a beautiful park.

Pics on collage taken last year (Sep 2012)

I absolutely love taking my yoga practice outside. (however very little I actually do yoga, saying "yoga practice" makes me feel like a seasoned yogi :p) Due to the flood in our beautiful city, half of the summer outdoor yoga sessions were cancelled. Along with that hiatus I had gotten used to not doing yoga that it was hard to get back into the swing of it once it started back up again. Everytime I convinced myself to go though, it has been phenomenal physically and mentally.

This season is the best time to go outside and stretch under the trees. There's a crispiness in the air that chills the heat, making it bearable to concentrate on the poses without feeling faint. Also, not having to stop mid pose while chasing the shadow for a shady spot makes for a peaceful experience.

Esthetically, the changing colors of the park is gorgeous to look at. To be surrounded with summer flowers and orange leaves on the trees is a great reminder of nature's beauty.

2. Sunday brunch with my bf <3

Galaxie Diner #SundayBrunch Sep 22/13

The cold breeze is chasing me away from my favorite summer Sunday past time - #PatioSunday! My boyfriend with his beer and me with a milkshake or bubbletea (...and ok sometimes the occasional alcohol too) and great food. So we are replacing our beloved #PatioSunday dates to #SundayBrunch. Now why the heck am I putting hashtags on these words? (For you social media challenged folks, a hashtag is the pound or number sign -> #) Because I'm going to be tweeting about them and I just find it easier and more consistent this way :) And because I can ^_^

Today, we visited Galaxie Diner in the Connaught area. They have been featured in Calgary's Top Breakfast Places list numerous times so we decided to check out for ourselves what the hype was all about. We missed the Sunday lunch crowd madness as we came in just after 2pm. It was really easy to find street parking (outside the restaurant!). My first impression of Galaxie Diner based on their exterior was a good one. I love historic looking buildings and this block definitely took me back in time. The inside was tiny and had that cozy feeling. The kitchen is open to the dining area so it does get very loud. The good thing about it is that you can see how your food is being prepped which is mesmerizing in itself and it also allows for the smell of deliciousness to waft and tempt you like crazy!

The look inside is 50s; the typical red vinyl booths and bar stools and mint green wall paint. Though I love the retro look, I was put off by the messiness of the kitchen floor and the worn out state of the linoleum floor. From where we were seated, we could see the mess in the kitchen. Granted this place is busier than a beehive especially on a Sunday, a staff member could pick up garbage off the floor and throw it in the garbage and do a quick spot mop. It doesn't do a lot for food confidence if the kitchen is messy and it is open for the whole restaurant to see.

As for the food, I had Cody Scramble (in honor of someone special) with an Apple Pie milkshake and my boyfriend had the Montreal Smoked Meat Hash with an iced tea. The portions were very generous and we especially loved the bottomless toast and hash. I do however question how many people take advantage of this bottomless deal as the initial entree is already humongous! Everything was really yummy and I agree that they definitely deserve their accolades of being one of the best breakfast spots in town. I would probably come back here but I would have to remember to come with an empty stomach and maybe my buffet pants.

Speaking of pants, a quick OOTD. Since it was a nice sunny day, I decided to wear my jean shorts to maximize their "wearability" before they get packed up till next year. Paired it with an orange chiffon, my go to fedora this summer and pointed faux snake skin flats. Other accessories were my multi-colored owl necklace and flower black bag. 

So overall I had a great first day of fall. I am so excited for what's in store for this season. The list of things to do is already being compiled but I would love more suggestions. What is your favorite fall activity?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Please be kind. Rewind!

Today's surprise nostalgic moment was in my Art History class where the words << "REWIND" appeared on the projection screen. Heard a few giggles in the room and at first I was confused. The first thing that came to mind was "I've seen these words before..." Took a few seconds to clue in that it was a video cassette to the amusement of the prof. "Please be kind. Rewind!"

Who remembers Blockbuster? I sorely miss it. Netflix is cool, but there was something quiet exciting about going to Blockbuster in the middle of the night or before the beginning of a fun sleepover with friends. So many memories of giggling while browsing at the "many" choices and having to compromise on what we could bring home to watch.


I wonder what the youngins do now for sleepovers. How do they entertain themselves nowadays? 

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