Friday, December 6, 2013

DOcember Day 3 - Caring Cards

Christmas wouldn't be the same if not for Christmas giving projects. Not only does it help out others in need, but it also gives me the warm fuzzies inside.

This year, I've been inspired by a crafty friend who makes greetings cards as a hobby. For my #27isHeaven birthday, she personally made 10 birthday cards and they turned out pretty awesome! When she invited me to come over and teach me how to make them, I saw it as a sign that this was going to be "the" Christmas project of 2013.

The six cards below are the result of our craft night. Grateful for her generosity in letting me use her supplies, I was able to learn new techniques in card making including embossing which I have now fallen in love with! Glitter and hot tools make a perfect pair.

Materials used:
  • Kraft and white 4" x 5.5" cards
  • ribbons
  • embossing stamp, hot tool and glitter
  • yarn
  • Cricut cut outs
  • scrapbook cardstock
  • glue (hot glue and liquid white glue
  • scissors
  • paper cutter
  • colored pens
Sprinkle in laughter, good conversation and sips of hot tea, card making that evening was an amazing time.

Back to the Christmas project which I have dubbed "Caring Cards" (#CaringCards2013). I have committed to making 30 homemade Christmas cards to folks who may not have a lot of family and friends to celebrate this holiday with. I bought 50 blank cards (2 sets of 25/pkg) but with exams this week, I do not want to be too overwhelmed especially since this will be my first big card making project. There was that rare burst of creative inspiration back in Christmas of 2011 where I made cards out of construction paper that doubled as envelopes to slip in the letters I wrote for friends. At least with friends I know they will love it or at least appreciate the effort. I'm crossing my fingers that it will all turn out well and the recipients will be just as understanding.

Now let's introduce the charity that's going to receive these cards. This year, I am very excited to be partnering with Calgary Seniors' Resource Society and their Adopt A Grandparent program!

A Calgary Seniors' Resource Society (CSRS) program
Having a chance to work with seniors is something I have always wanted to try. Though I will not be personally handing out the cards to the seniors as the cards will be slipped into the ready made gift bags, just the thought that the cards will bring a smile to a senior is all I can hope for.

If anyone is interested in helping me out with this project, please comment below. If you are in Calgary, we can meet up at a coffee shop and make cards together. I can bring supplies! Or if you would like to do something similar and have any questions, comment below as well :)
This project is in memory of my Aunt who passed away this fall 2013.

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